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New York Premiere

July 8 – July 30 2022 at The Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond St. Manhattan, New York 10012

"In his New York stage debut, Charlton is a magnetic force, his every word and move electrifying. He knows exactly who Valance is and what he wants, a villain who has no veneration for the law or for Blacks. When Foster raises the possibility of his defeating him in a showdown, the cocky Valance says, “Unless the hand of God comes down and strikes me dead there ain’t much chance of that.” Foster, knowing he doesn’t really have a shot, responds, “Or the earth opens up and the Devil takes you under.” Valance retorts, “No. We have an agreement, me and him.” When those words are spoken by Charlton, you don’t doubt it." - This Week In New York


"The acting alone is worth the gallop downtown. As Liberty Valance, Chariton turns menace into a tour de force... he’s as frightening as just about any malevolent stage critter this observer has witnessed. In the heated and increasingly grave exchange between the courageous but prepared-to-die Ransome and Liberty, they create an atmosphere in which no one in the audience seems to be breathing." - New York Stage Review

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